11 innings…really?

Somebody please tell me why Boston is still playing. It is bad enough seeing them play 9 innings. 11 is just…torture.

You fought hard and made us proud. You were classy on the field and off. You inspired girls all over the world. You made us believe in you. I can’t think of a better group of women to represent us at the World Cup. You didn’t disappoint. Thank you for an amazing run! <3
Congratulations to Japan ;; 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup Champions
Keep the Hope! <3 ;; US Women’s National Soccer Team
Robinson Cano ;; 2011 State Farm Home Run Derby Champion <3
Sports Illustrated Cover
thanking the fans
press conference #2
Congratulations Derek Jeter on hit number 3,000! Such an amazing day. You deserved every second of the chants/cheers by the fans.